I see you, mama. You're balancing kids, work, chores (oh shoot, how long has that wet laundry been in there?), and you MAY even want to do activities for yourself. Get organized and manage your time doing the things you need to do, and things you love to do with the #momlife calendar. (Don't worry Dads, it'll work for you too!)


Product Care: Use a clean dry cloth to erase and reuse. A lightly-dampened cloth can be used occasionally, but beware of over-washing to reduce wearing out the design. A fine layer of chalk has been applied and smoothed to condition the finish for regular use. That means, if it looks like your board has already been used... it kind of has!  



Sizes describe the inside area only. It’s best to add an extra 2 inches both latitudinal and longitudinal when you measure your space to account for the frame.



Turnaround 2-3 Weeks


Because each piece is custom made for you, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to dispatch. In general, orders are done in small batches each week. (For example, designing on Sunday, cutting on Monday, staining on Tuesday, base layer on Wednesday, etc.) Sometimes, that could mean your order placed on Tuesday will be in the batch starting the following Sunday.

#MomLife Weekly Planner

Frame Stain
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